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3 essential tips for buying a new iPhone 8 By IDG.TV With limited quantities and demand at an all-time high, pre-ordering a new iPhone 8 will be extra challenging this year. Here are some tips so you can get your hands on one. ...Read More »
How to delete Google from your life By IDG.TV Get rid of Google by deleting your account information and searching for alternative services. ...Read More »
Sony Xperia XZ1 hands on By IDG.TV Sony has expanded the Xperia XZ range with the new XZ1. ...Read More »
Fitbit Ionic hands on By IDG.TV Fitbit's Ionic has GPS, a four-day battery life, on-board workouts and third party apps. ...Read More »
Panasonic SC-GA10 smart speaker first look By IDG.TV Panasonic's smart speaker packs a powerful audio punch and comes with all the smarts of the Google Assistant. ...Read More »
Is the smartwatch market dead? | Tech Talk Ep 1, Pt 1 By IDG.TV Ahead of the latest Apple smartwatch rollout, the panelists debate whether vendors made a mistake introducing smartwatches to consumers first, rather than pursuing the enterprise market. ...Read More »
GPS spoofing, jamming and real-world threats | Tech Talk Ep 1, Pt 3 By IDG.TV The panelists talk about GPS spoofing, and rumors about hacking as a factor in recent ship collisions. Plus, they sort out the difference between GPS spoofing and GPS jamming. ...Read More »
Why should enterprises care about intent-based networking? | Tech Talk Ep 1, Pt 2 By IDG.TV The panelists break down Cisco's intent-based networking strategy, which brings machine learning to the networking realm. Plus, they hash out the ramifications for the security industry. ...Read More »
Will the new iPhone break the $1,000 barrier? | Tech Talk Ep 1, Pt 4 By IDG.TV The panelists talk about their pricing predictions for the newest iPhone. Will this be the Apple device that gives consumers sticker shock? ...Read More »
Michael Kors Access Sofie review: The prettiest Android wearable yet By IDG.TV The Access Sofie is a beautiful and functional piece of jewelry. It's not as spec-laden as its competition, but it's just as compelling. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs LG G6 | Smartphone Camera Shootout By IDG.TV Hot off the presses is the Galaxy Note 8, Samsungs latest flagship phone. Can Samsung's new dual camera system topple the LG G6, our current pick for smartphone camera dominance? Let's test them both! ...Read More »
Testing iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8: Which does bokeh better? By IDG.TV For the first time ever, Samsung has released a phone with dual cameras. But can the Note 8's depth-of-field effects beat Portrait Mode in iPhone 7 Plus? We give you definitive tests. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Live Focus vs iPhone 7 Plus Portrait Mode | Camera Shootout By IDG.TV The Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung phone to feature a dual lens camera system. Similar to Apples iPhone 7 Plus, it includes a telephoto lens paired with the standard lens. This allows both companies to take on a fun trend: depth of field effects. Lets check out the differences between their approaches and see if one phone does it better. ...Read More »
Neato D7 robot vacuum cleaner first look By IDG.TV Neato's D7 robot vacuum cleaner uses a laser to map out rooms so that it can clean more efficiently. ...Read More »
LG invites Google and Amazon into its smart home By IDG.TV New home electronics from LG feature support for both Google Home and Amazon Alexa. ...Read More »
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review By IDG.TV The Galaxy Note 8 costs nearly $1,000. Is it worth it? ...Read More »
Amazon Alexa pops up in the Lenovo Tab 4 with the Home Assistant accessory By IDG.TV Amazon Alexa's full functionality comes to life in the Lenovo Tab 4 when you connect the Home Assistant speaker dock. ...Read More »
These are the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets By IDG.TV Here are the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets, launching on October 17. ...Read More »
The Full Nerd Ep. 30: Radeon RX Vega 56 review, Intel adds more cores, Ultimate 1920x1080ti PC By IDG.TV Join The Full Nerd crew as they dig into the deepest of PC hardware talk. This Week is all about the AMD Vega 56 review, Intel adds more cores to its 8th gen chip, and the Ultimate 1920x1080ti build. ...Read More »
Sony's smart speaker with Google Assistant By IDG.TV Sony's smart speaker with Google Assistant ...Read More »
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