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Nice Gesture, But What Does It Mean? By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software As the installed base of smartphones, tablets and digital kiosks grows, so does the need for gesture-based user interfaces. Design expert Don Norman explains why the current paradigm is frustrating for users and developers alike. ...Read More »
11 Tips for Mobile Software Development By Tim Kridel for Intelligence In Software Mobile software development varies from platform to platform, but there are key considerations that apply to all of them. ...Read More »
Migration Without Mishap Changing servers, operating systems and configurations can be daunting. Follow these six recommendations for smooth transitions. ...Read More »
Traveling With Your Gadgets Managing all your electronic gear while you travel can be a challenge. Here are strategies to handle your gadgets without a hassle. ...Read More »
G-Technology G-Drive mobile 500GB By John Virata G-Technology has a new mobile drive targeted at users of Apple's MacBook Pro that is built around the FireWire 800 interface and a 5400rpm Hitachi hard drive. Called the G Drive mobile, the portable FireWire drive is formatted for Apple computers and is a Time Machine Ready 500GB drive. The drive features a new piano black top while the sides and bottom are brushed aluminum, in part to match Apple's line of aluminum MacBook Pro notebook computers. ...Read More »
An afternoon of fun, NFL football, and the Canon 7D DSLR By John Virata This past weekend we were able to spend an afternoon with the Canon folks at the San Diego Chargers/Philadelphia Eagles NFL football game in beautiful San Diego California to attain some first impressions on the new Canon 7D DSLR. Canon invited several journalists to shoot with the Canon 7D and Digital Rebel T1i. ...Read More »
PhotoAcute Studio By Robert Jensen Most of you have heard of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography, where you shoot several shots of the same scene, each at a different exposure, then combine them in software to produce an image with extended dynamic range that brings out details in both the highlights and shadows. ...Read More »
Toshiba Satellite P505 notebook computer By Heath McKnight The Toshiba Satellite P505 is one of the best Windows-based laptops I've had the pleasure of reviewing. With its beautiful, large display, excellent Harmon/Kardon speakers, large hard drive,and blazing fast processor and graphics, this is a top-notch laptop that will fit virtually anyone's mobile computing needs. From the student all the way to professionals, this is a great system. ...Read More »
Honl Light Modifiers By Robert Jensen Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. That 'keep it simple' ideology is what led photojournalist David Honl to develop a versatile, easy to carry, line of light modifiers for your hot shoe flash that simply mount to a strap that wraps around the front of the flash head. No muss, no fuss. ...Read More »
Ray Flash hot shoe flash ring-light adapter By Robert Jensen Designed to work with several on camera hot shoe flashes from Nikon and Canon, the Ray Flash ring light adapter is much more affordable, and portable, than the typical ring light made for studio strobe use. ...Read More »
AOC F22 22-inch widescreen LCD display By John Virata With more people foregoing the traditional desktop computer in favor of notebook computers, many of these same users are also buying external displays to complement their notebooks. What the external display essentially does is gives the user two computers in one; the portability of a notebook with the expanded visual real estate that desktops have. AOC, a third tier display manufacturer offers up the F19 and F22 series of designed LCD displays. These displays are not your plain vanilla display. ...Read More »
Lens Align Pro Focus Calibration System and Long Ruler Kit By Robert Jensen Most people who take photographs using a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera buy a camera body, a lens or two, and shoot away, happy with their results. However, some people are not so happy. If you've been around the various camera forums on the Internet you've read countless postings over the years by less than happy owners of Brand X or Brand Y camera's stating that it was consistently focusing in front of, or behind, where it should be. ...Read More »
Mecablitz 58 AF-1 Digital flash By Robert Jensen Metz (or Mecablitz) may be an unfamiliar name to a lot of you but for many decades its been the workhorse flash for a lot of pro photographers around the world. Metz is made in Germany and marketed in the US by Bogen Imaging Inc. ...Read More »
Verbatim SureFire 500GB Firewire 800/USB 2.0 external hard drive By Joshua Virata In today's world of digital cameras, home movies, music, and all of our other media, storage is everything. Convenience and reliability are two big sellers when it comes to storage, and this is where the Verbatim SureFire line of portable hard drives comes in. Sleek, portable, fast and large capacities are some important aspects to portable drives and the SureFire has all of those aspects. ...Read More »
Canon 5D MkII DSLR By Robert Jensen In case you haven't heard the news - a few months ago Canon introduced its new 5D Mark II digital SLR camera and it hit the market like the proverbial 600 pound gorilla. Everyone, and I mean everyone, sat up and took notice when they heard the specs. It wasn't just the 21 megapixel sensor it was packing that had everyone drooling at the mouth to get their hands on the camera. ...Read More »
Canon Pro9000 Mark II printer By Robert Jensen From the outside the 9000 Mark II and its brother, the also improved 9500 Mark II, are almost identical to each other, just some differences in the gray color scheme. The Pro9000 prints at resolutions up to 4800x2400dpi on standard paper sizes ranging from 4"x6" to 13"x19" and surfaces from glossy, semi-gloss, matte, to you name it. ...Read More »
Nik Color Efex Pro 3 By Robert Jensen I've reviewed several of the Nik plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop, like Sharpener Pro 3.0, Silver Efex Pro, and Viveza. In every case I've been very pleased at the results I obtained using them. In some cases I was amazed at how much of a difference using their software made on the quality of my shots. I recently had the chance to test Nik's Color Efex Pro 3.0, the latest version that now works with Adobe Lightroom 2, Apple's Aperture, and Nikon's Capture NX2. ...Read More »
Adobe Lightroom 2: My favorite features By Robert Jensen Adobe Lightroom should be first on the list of tools for every photographer. Here is my list of the best new features in Lightroom 2 that make an already great program even more powerful. ...Read More »
The best new features in Adobe Photoshop CS4, from a photographer By Robert Jensen If you're a photographer, you probably have an old version of Photoshop you're happy using. Here are some good reasons why you should upgrade to Photoshop CS4. Most photographers out there have probably been using Adobe's Photoshop for some time. My journey to discovery with Photoshop started years ago with version 5. ...Read More »
Epson Artisan 700 printer/scanner By Robert Jensen If you're looking for the perfect solution for your home scanning and printing needs take a good look at Epson's Artisan 700. Priced at $199.99 the Epson gives you better quality photos than your usual printer, it scans, it prints on CD/DVDs, it creates custom note paper--and does it all wirelessly. You can also copy, edit, and print photos, restore old photos, print from memory cards or even from your Blue Tooth equipped phone (optional accessory) all without a computer. ...Read More »
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